Thursday, November 06, 2008

Sometimes I like to mess with my children.

Gabbers: Mommy? Can I have a treat from my Halloween basket?

Me: Yes, wait a minute.

Gabbers: I want to choose!

Me: Okay, you choose, I eat. Okay?

Gabbers: No, Mommy, they are mine.

Me: Can I eat you? You are mine.

Gabbers: No, I am a people. People don’t eat people.

Me: But you are meat. And I eat meat.

Gabbers: No, people only eat food-meat. They don’t eat people because they have bones inside them to keep them unflat.


Rach said...

that is so funny!!!

Pop said...

Gabbers is so wise. Such a thinker. Love to all.

jenny said...

Did you go on to explain cannibalism? :-) Just kidding!

lvs2dance said...

I admit that I have cannibalistic tendancies when it comes to my kids also. I just love to bite their earlobes! Cute conversation!

The Schooley's said...

So that's why I'm chubby?? Too many bones to help me stay inflated???? Now you tell me!!

JoMamma said...

Very cute. Did she give you any candy?

Haddorkus said...

Messing with your children is your parental right. I like this one.

My new one is whenever DD comes up to me with a story she always starts with "Guess what?" So lately I've been guessing. And I mean guessing. I'll say anything and everything that comes into my head until she is like, "Mom let me talk." Recently we were with my sister when I started guessing and she turned to her and went, "Can you stop her, please?"

Tynel said...

Very cute! I have far more than just bones in me though to keep me unflat!

A. said...

haha! Too cute.

By the way, how did you get buttons at the top of your blog? (home, about, blogroll, kiddie kwips, etc...)

Tara said...

That was HILARIOUS!! Hopefully she got her candy after that conversation, she deserved it!


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