Friday, November 14, 2008

Frog Snatchers

Gabbers: I have a ducky that can be washed. And a turtle!

Bun: I have a cow that can wash- and little duck.

Gabbers: Yep, and Hammie has a frog, and a bear, and a big duck that can be washed!

Bun: Yep- and YOU have a little frog that can be washed.

Gabbers (with sorrow in voice): No, my frog was taken by Don’t Knows. And my super bear. They aren’t in the old house anymore.

Bun: Oh.

Gabbers: That’s what happens when you don’t stay close.


Gabbers: Bun I’m trying to tell you what happens when you don’t stay by your mommy and daddy. A Don’t Know will take you!

Bun: They will take my animals?!

Gabbers: NO! not your animals they will take YOU!

Bun: But my animals talk. They will want me!

Gabbers: Bun, your animals aren’t alive; they don’t talk.

Bun: Mooly talks.

Gabbers: Oh, Bun, I’m trying to tell you about Don’t Knows. Just eat your cereal.


The Schooley's said...

That's it, I'm eating at your house; it is way more interesting!! I love that she just told him to eat his cereal, like a true mom.

Ticklemedana said...

lol...that is're kids are too funny...

Rach said...

ok, that is just too much!! I laughed so hard. She is going to friek her brother out when she gets older!! I can't wait to hear the stories she will tell about the langolears...hee hee.

Mike and Jen said...

Seriously I am going to guess that Gabbers will be a famous author some day with her wild tales and big vocab. She makes me smile!

lvs2dance said...

your kids are so funny! I love reading about the things that they say!

FluffyChicky said...

So, are the Don't Knows the ones responsible for all the socks that disappear in our house?

Kelsie Maher said...

hahhaa, that is some good stuff. I love how "matter of fact" she is!

Laura said...

Nikki - could you visit this link and see if you'd like to help me out? I hate to ask, and understand if you can't - but I'm asking everyone I "know"... thank you!

A. said...

That is too funny. I love listening in on their conversations. lol

A. said...

Ok Nikki - Don't you know that you are suppose to be blogging and not off having a life. :)

I hope we get to hear about your thanksgiving!

Smockity Frocks said...

Hey Nikki, Just checking in. I hope you are doing okay. I don't see you around much anymore.


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