Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I have been avoiding you.

I don't know how much to charge for socks. I don't know if I should make them to order or have a bunch of popular colors in stock. I haven't decided if I want to sell them at our local craft fair in the spring.

I've been pricing them to see what other people charge. I've seen them range from $8 a pair to $18 a pair-- and most of those are for single-beaded socks!

If I charge only $7 a pair for double-beaded socks then that's like making $5 an hour. I am not interested in making $5 an hour. That's what I made when I was 16. So, I'm likely not going to make it an active business. But just something I do to compensate a little for my time and supplies when requested.

So, yeah I don't know.


jenny said...

Why would you charge $7 when the comparables were $8 - $18?

crazy with 4, but I still want more said...

I would charge the $8-$9, so people are getting a GREAT price for QUALITY socks. I would make some of various colors to have for craft fair, people showing up to purchase, pics for your blog orders, etc. And then you can have people special order for $1 more and choose the color combination of their choice up to so many colors. What fun!!!

Hall Family said...

UH Jenny be quiet I am trying to employ my own little sweat shop worker here! Just Kidding Well can I just please buy two pairs thats all I ask just two measley (I don't know how to spell that) pairs! hehe I will swap ya for some bling for Gabbers that I make if that is any more enticing!

Mrs. Morty said...

Hey I saw some socks that had buttons in with the beads and some just with buttons, pretty cute. Just a thought :)

gurrbonzo said...

you could totally sell them for $12. And don't think of it hourly, think of it as making money off a hobby you enjoy! Bc you said you make them anyway, right? RIGHT!

SuperCoolMom said...

I'm with Gurrbonzo. $12 sounds fair, not too much, not ripping you off.

The problem with any craft is that you are not going to make as much hourly as you should because you are not some little woman living in a hovel in China. And that's who we are competing with. Some poor lady that makes 20 cents a day for the same work, using way cheaper materials.

It's frustrating to me too, because I love doing those crafty things. People always say, "you should sell those" and yet, I don't know any sane person who has the bucks to pay what they're really worth. What should I charge for a superhero cape? Is $28 too much? It would be for me - but that would make it worth my time to do it. Maybe some sucker out there will pay it. We'll see. If not, I'll have some great birthday gifts for nephews!


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