Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The reclaiming of the linen closet.

I've been reading and drooling over projects and ideas about organization on today. When we moved from our three-bedroom duplex into this four-bedroom house, we lost a lot of bathroom storage space. My linen closet suddenly became the catch-all for not just linens, but for toilet paper, pads and tampons, soap, deodorant, shampoo etc. Even the Epsom salts found their way into the linen closet! Today, I take back my linen closet. I really should've taken pictures in the old house. But I guess I didn't feel the need. I used to open the closet three out of four times walking past it to revel in the organization of it and the labels. Ah! the labels. :) So, today I made a deal with myself that I'd read a few ideas on Martha's site, and then get out my P-touch label maker and get to work. shh! I even have a bin now with the lovely label "feminine hygiene."

Too bad I didn't think about Martha a week before family came to visit. So sorry. At least you had clean towels, eh?


Amy said...

We went from 3 to 4 bedroomas as well and lost alot of bathroom storage space. BUT I also lost linen space too. Drat! but I think with some organizational tips I can maximize it. Thanks for the idea!

By the way, what do your kids do while you are busy organizing a closet? Unless it's after bed time, I can't do much for long without a sibling squabble or them helping undo what I'm trying to do. Or if it's really important for me to do, then the ((gulp)) tv comes on. Shhhh!!!!

p.s. The word verification word for me right now is "porgphoz". I don't know why but that just soudns hilarious to me. haha!

The Schooley's said...

Oh my gosh!! I love that you have a labeler!! Seriously, how Monica of you!! You are awesome!! yeay, linen closets!!

Ticklemedana said...

you are the by, you may want to jaunt over to my blog...I just posted 3 videos of Beau and Beki telling Beau's recent Poo...adventure...LOL

Haddorkus said...

I am jealous of the label maker, that is really cool. Obviously after my recent post, I know all about the joy and happy felling you have right now.

It still makes me laugh at myself but one of things that makes me so happy is something all organized and pretty.

Good Job!

OHANA said...

Everybody loves Martha, even though she is crazy. I love her ideas, trully the best. I Love to label, I should invest in a labeler.

Julie V. said...

Reorganizing is so rewarding! A great way to get that feel good boost. I hope your hubby appreciates the newly organized spaces.


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