Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday Musings migraines and movies

At precisely 10:20 a.m. I was slammed with the most excruciatingly painful, throbbing, head-splitting, migraine. I have a few guesses.

1. My period started yesterday. I often have hormone-induced migraines. But it's been nearly four months since I've had a period thus obliterating any previous memory of monthly migraines.

2. This weekend I consented and Danny signed us up for Netflix. As a few of you may recall, we made a family decision shortly after Christmas to give up television, DVDs, rentals, and sell or donate our VCR's, dvd-players, dozens of dvds and videos, and even try to sell our entertainment center-- which has not yet sold by the way. blah, blah, blah. So anyway, we started Netflix-- just for me and Danny mostly because the kids do MUCH better with no t.v. or like one or two very safe, kiddie, boring, shows a month. ANYWAY, we watched probably 432 episodes of "The Office" last night on the instant viewing option of Netflix. Maybe that's why my head hurts-- not because of "The Office" nohoho, but because of staying up all hours overdosing on it. maybe. A little moderation would do me some good.

In regards to giving up watching shows together and renting them for our family, I have noticed a few things.

1. I am fatter. No seriously. I thought I'd lose weight by having more time to exercise. Nope. I used to watch dvd's while walking on the treadmill. Mostly they were dvd's of conference, but I still I would get on and walk. Also the kids would watch a show occasionally while I walked thus making it possible to get on the treadmill and exercise when Danny wasn't home. And we have, and very much most recently since the move, been renting dvds and watching them on our one puny t.v. we have left. But Danny always brings me home a treat from the Shoppette with the dvd that he's rented. He's such an enabler. I love him.

2. I have fallen way behind on my goal of crocheting two leper bandages a month. In fact, I think I've only completed two leper bandages since February! I would crochet leper bandages while watching a movie with Danny alternating with crocheting...

3. Socks. So sorry Connie. I just need to get a bigger pair of socks for baby girl smockity because I'm sure she won't fit into these 0-6 month size. But I've fallen behind in my sock-beading addiction.

4. The best one though... my kids sleep better. They go to bed at a decent hour and sleep in long enough to get good sleep.

So, they will still be VERY limited in their viewing.

Anyhow, it seems the prescription strength-motrin and Mountain Dew soda are working on evicting my migraine. Hooray! It was the one lone can of Mountain Dew in the house. So I hope this is my only migraine this month.


jenny said...

We LOVE our netflix. It's fantastic to see all the movies we want to without ever having to go to the theatre. Plus I recently discovered that they have instant watch workout videos, so I can watch my other addictive tv shows while following along to the workout videos on the computer. (I haven't done it too many times yet). If you really want to get a great work out. Do one of the "The Biggest Winner Workouts." You could do like 10 minutes of it and burn more calories than some other whole DVDs.

Lady Lyn said...


Thanks for your sweet comment and for keeping us in your prayers. I love to read what you're doing. Who knows--maybe we'll actually meet someday :). For now, I am grateful for a friend like you.


Julie V. said...

I always multi-task if watching TV - which is not very often! But a little of the media is OK. You are so smart to limit the kids TV.
About the leper bandages...When I last checked with the Humanitarian Aid Center, they said that they were taking leper bandages of the list...but they need lot's of baby maybe you could crochet baby booties or a different needed item. Two pair of baby booties per month would use less thread and take less time wouldn't it? Maybe they are harder and require more thought process though - which would make multi-tasking tough.


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