Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesdays are wonderful!

You know what I love about Wednesdays? Works-for-me-Wednesday tips! Today my brain is a little slow, water-logged, overwhelmed with moving. So, please go check out the tips from the other participants. I'll try to get you a new tip next week. ;)

You know what is so great about Works-for-me-Wednesday? Shannon archives all her previous posts with their links. If I am in a grumpy mood about laundry and thinking I need a new system, I am sure to find at least a half-dozen suggestions on WFMW. If I'm looking for toy organization or potty-training tips, there's sure to be at least a handful of suggestions. Traveling with toddlers? It's there. Cleaning tips? Yep. New recipes? I guarantee you will find mouth-watering ones on Wednesdays!
I also love that Wednesdays are puppet show day at the downtown library. My kids especially love that Wednesdays mean Mommy Store Day.
So, off I go to find some moving tips from other bloggers.
NOTE: Yes, we are moving 2 doors down to a four-bedroom single family dwelling house. Bye-bye 3-bedroom duplex. :)


Amy said...

Moving tips? are you headed somewhere? :)

Can't wait to check out the link!

Susie J. said...

Moving?? Wow, did I miss something?

jenny said...

For a minute I thought you guys were actually leaving pookieville. Enjoy the bigger, nicer house!!

jvjw said...

Does the new house have a full basement? How much roomier is it, other than an extra bedroom?
Moving two doors away is easier than miles, but still a LOT of work!
Every time we moved, I labeled some very important, much needed stuff: "open first!". I also got the boxes opened and out as soon as myself little "rewards" for every five boxes or so emptied.
The kids probably think this is a grand adventure! Good luck with the move! Enjoy the new space!

FluffyChicky said...

Set up the beds first. That way you have somewhere comfy to sleep after you have exhausted yourselves packing and unpacking everything else.

Hooray for more bedrooms!

jenny said...

When we recently moved, I moved a lot of the little stuff over before the "big move day" and put it straight into the drawers, closets, cabinets that it belonged. First, it allowed us to only have to buy a few moving boxes, but I also didn't have to be overwhelmed about where to start unpacking. It was easy - bring 4 boxes over and put those away, then do it again.

Tara said...

It stinks to have to move, but the reward is so great! Space, glorious space!! :) Even a little more space makes a big difference with kids.
Good luck with all the moving :)

Haddorkus said...

Did you say single home? How in the world did you swing that one? Who did you guys bribe do get out of duplex-land? That is the number one reason we hate living in housing. I can stand the thought of sharing a wall and knowing that someone might hear me when I am yelling at the kids. Sometimes I just need to be able to relax and know that all the walls are mine. A single house, that is so awesome!

I am with the other suggestion of little moves at a time. Less boxes and less mess. We have done the short move and that's what we did, the unpacking wasn't so bad that way.


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