Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kiddie Kwip-- Eating Popsicles outside

We have been moving ALL WEEK LONG. My oh my do we have a lot of stuff! I missed you all my faithful followers and having internet access! Here is a Kiddie Kwip for your reading enjoyment.

The setting: Gabbers, Bun, and Danny sitting on the front step taking a break from moving. They are eating popsicles in the sweltering heat. (haha not sweltering if you live in Arizona though-- but we live in the Frozen North and 78 degrees is near un-bearable in June while moving.)

Gabbers: I am outside without shoes because I am not going anywhere. I have to watch out for bugs though. I don't want any bugs crawling on my socks or they will probably take some of my blood.

Bun: Ah! I don't want bugs to eat me! (as he lifts his feet into the air - also shoeless)

Gabbers: Silly Bun. Bugs don't eat people. Only alligators eat people. Alligators eat people because people are meat and alligators eat meat. So alligators have to eat people because we are meat.

Bun wide-eyed not worried about bugs. Bun on the lookout for alligators that might be roaming through the yard.


SuperCoolMom said...

That cracks me up! I can just picture it!

bekibug5 said...

I just love the things our kids say! I need to start posting some of my boys' comments on my site.

jenny said...

I love other parents who obviously tell their children the truth instead of pretending everything is nice in the world. When we moved last, hubby's mom came along and when Ben's toy alligator tried to eat the zebra, she was like, "Oh, nice alligator. We don't bite people." UMMM it's an ALLIGATOR.

lvs2dance said...

That is the cutest story ever! I will have to keep an eye out for alligators in my yard! LOL


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