Monday, June 23, 2008

Dear Journal, We're moved in.

We are in our house now. It's probably weeks away from being completely organized, but we are in.

For having only moved two doors down I am amazed at the difference. Yesterday made for an unbelievably hot evening. But this house is much more shaded than the other and wasn't as uncomfortable as it would've been in the last house. We have 16 trees in our yard here. A couple are right next to the house, and I am positive that they aid in the shading and cooling of our home.

Oh and the animals are very entertaining! There's a number of birds that hang out in the tree over our driveway. They graffiti it every day with new poop. One of the birds like to chase one of the squirrels. I've seen only two different squirrels. One dakrat is braver than the others and kicks dirt up onto our back porch. He'll even stand on our porch as if to tell me, "Hey I was here first. This is my house." And now as I type, he is staring at me through the window. Bun named him Dak yesterday. I do appreciate Dak cleaning up the scraps under the kids' picnic table.

This morning when the sun was coming up right before 5, the birds were singing and chirping. It wasn't so bad until one bird got stuck on the same pitch and wouldn't stop singing it. It probably wouldn't have been as noticeable if the windows were closed-- but it's been so hot without our AC installed yet, so we opened them right before going to sleep.

One thing I think I enjoy the most about this house is the doors. In our old house we had one door-- the front door. That was all. This house has a front door, a kitchen door, and a back door. So when people come over to our house, they come to the kitchen door. I like that. It feels very homey and small-townish. The kids can go out the backdoor to play in the backyard instead of going around the garage to get to the back.

So, even though I thought we were getting a lot more space, we're not. The space is just rearranged differently and allows for a fourth bedroom. I LOVE that our kitchen is bigger. I love that it is a single house instead of a duplex. The basement makes for a nice big playroom and schoolroom space. We can't even park in our garage right now because of the air conditioners, cabinets we made at the other house, and desks. I have realized that it is time for a major decluttering session and possibly a yard sale. Even though you know how I feel about yard sales.


Susie J. said...

Sounds like this house is going to be a good match for your family! Enjoy the new surroundings, and I hope the unpacking goes smoothly and quickly.

Haddorkus said...

Yeah, for doors. I remember those lack of doors and people using their basement windows as back doors to get their dogs and kids to their backyards. Those house as so not in regs. But then again they don't really care about things like that. Like the last house we had didn't have a bathroom on the mainfloor, also not regs.

Enjoy the unpacking. In your 80 degree heat, you poor woman. We were at that temp for a couple days here and I wouldn't let the kids come inside no matter how much they begged, no enjoy it, it's going away very soon.

JoMamma said...

Nothing like moving to get you to evaluate your belongings. I never plan to move because I do not want to go through my junk. So many thinks I could probably live without, but I will live with it taking up space and not being used. Maybe I should organize my stuff.

Congrats on the new house.

Tara said...

AHHH, moving. You know what they say, a move is as good as a fire in getting rid of the junk. hip hip hurray for dejunking, it sure is a good feeling.
Glad that you have a better set up now. And enjoy that 78 degree weather for me. I think we were 115 today. :)
hugs and kisses


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