Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bun animal review

Bun took a late, late nap yesterday, and consequently stayed up late. As Bun and I sat on the couch cuddling around 10 p.m., I asked him some questions:

me: Bun, what does a cow say?
Bun: Moo!

me: You're right. What does a duck say?
Bun: quack-quack

me: Ooh! What does a sheep say?
Bun: baaaaaa

me: What does a horse say?
Bun: *whinnying sound*

me: What does an elephant say?
Bun: *attempted elephant sound* with arm-trunk motion

me: What does a bird say?
Bun: tweet tweet

me: What does a chicken say?
Bun: bok-bok

me: What does a turkey say?
Bun: *raises one eyebrow* hmm... no you eat! *then makes eat sign*


Abbey said...

That's one smart little boy you got there. HEHE Just don't let him know we eat most of the other animals mentioned too!
Happy Mother's Day!!!!

Leslie said...

so funny about the turkey! better not tell him what goes on during a certain November day.

FluffyChicky said...

Wait, people eat poultry?! :)

Haddorkus said...

So adorable.

Four Jedi said...

At least he knows what he likes!!

Ticklemedana said...

I LOOOOOOVE fluffychicky's comment! Too funny for words...


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