Sunday, March 02, 2008

Monday Musings- Linkage

I have had so much fun today yesterday playing around with my blog. Now I'm pooped. And it's after midnight.

So here are some links for you:

Tips for New Bloggers -- very VERY helpful site. I learned lots of new tricks.

Wal-Mart FREE samples page -- FREE samples to be found here and they update too- so save the link.

StatCounter -- a way to keep tabs on your blog or web site's visitors. -- "Where children have fun learning to read!" (direct quote from their site) -- my kids love this site and call it "The Reading Game."

Typing Test -- This is addictive. My highest so far is 84 words per minute on this test.

Neighbor Jane Payne -- This is my favorite site. I have learned sooooo much from Jane. There are lesson ideas, gift giving ideas, scrapbooking retreats, recipes, homekeeping tips, etc. Jane's site reminds me of Martha Stewart without the jail time. Here is an excerpt from her home page.

"Ever need a no-fail recipe or someone to listen—something a good neighbor offers?

I had a fine neighbor like that . . . Gene. She was forty years older than me and knew everything. When I was ten and supposed to fix supper, I rode my bike to her house and she taught me how to make meatloaf. When our baby was sick and dehydrated, I called Gene and she told me how to keep liquids down her. I could conquer anything as long as I knew Gene was home."

You can subscribe to her weekly email newsletter for $14.97/year! That's less than 30 cents per issue. The great thing about it being an email newsletter is there are no page fillers and ads. You can keep it in your inbox for as long as you need and read and re-read Jane's words of encouragement.

Okay, she's seriously not paying me to advertise for her. I just love Jane so much and know you will too!

Go check out these helpful links!


Myfriendconnie said...

I LOVE this look! I need to work on my margins some....

Myfriendconnie said...

Oh, I forgot to say THANKS for putting my apron on your sidebar!

jenny said...

When I started my blog I wanted to keep track of visitors, but I wanted to know WHO they were and statcounter doesn't do that. BUT the MapLoco on my blog shows me the locations of each visitor so I can guess who has been visiting. If you like it you can click on mine and it has a link or something to make one of your own.

Laura said...

Hi Nikki! Guess what? You won the flags!!! :-) Stop by my blog for the email address - then send me the address you want your package mailed to.

Congratulations! :-)

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nikki, thank you for the very generous compliments on your blog. I appreciate them very much.


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