Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gabbers' Song

Dear Journal,
This was a song that my Gabbers made up the other day to the tune of I am a Child of God. I was sitting at my computer listening to her crazy song when I realized I should be typing it all down for posterity. I typed as fast as I could and got most of it. Shh! She didn't know I was typing what she was singing.

We don’t know what heaven looks like
But we will know when we go to heaven.
Celestial glory shall be mine so I can go up in heaven
To live with HIM,
We like to go back home. But we can’t know how to.
We don’t know how to and everything’s neither in heaven
So lead me to Him and to find Him, but
there might be doors in the way.
Spider man. Fargo Fargo, we can be

live with him some day.
See barking spiders that are Mommy’s.
Be the word of anyone to be else with him.
To be living with Him. To be living with the
Heavenly Father. To be anyone we can but endures.
Bummer, bummer, bummer, bummer,
Bummer, bummer, bummer, bummer,
So we can have a knee on earth.
So we can have some day.
Have a piece of I must do song.

I must endure to live with heavenly Father.
To think about Him some day in heaven.
To be going to the temple with my husband and my mom and dad
Celestial glory shall be mine
To sing about Him.
So celestial glory shall be Heavenly Father’s and mine
So we can go up to heaven to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus
Then we can sing about Heavenly Father and Jesus
So, we better go to the temple to get married and go to our house

and live with our Heavenly Father in heaven.
But he can live up in heaven but He came down to earth.
Celestial Glory shall be mine!

I have to hurry to be glory.
Celestial Glory shall be mine so I can go up in heaven with Him.
To live with Him. And heavenly Father.
And I can go to my house and live with my mom and dad.
And if I have stuff in it like a couch and piano.
We can play the piano and have celestial glory.
We can play with toys and sing.
One of my gifts in my house will be Mommy.
I will sing I’m a Child of God.
Celestial Glory shall be ours to be our endures.
But we talked about that up in heaven.
Celestial Glory shall be mine in my family
I have a baby and a sister and a Bun brother, and another brother, and I have a Daddy, and a Mommy, and a Squishy Squishy, that’s my name. And how you spell Squishy is G-A-B-B-Y!

And heaven might wonder what we’re like.
We’ll live with Heavenly Father someday.

But we CAN go up in heaven.


Piglet 26 said...

I like how she mentioned your barking spiders! Like it is so ingrained in you that it must be a part of heaven too...hahahaha

jvjw said...

I especially liked how her mommy would be one of her gifts in her house:) Priceless piece of poetry - interesting how a child's thought processes work - cute, but also kind of scary sometimes. Thanks for sharing.

SuperCoolMom said...

That's awesome that you thought to type it in as she sang! Soooo cute! Someday she'll really appreciate having this record of her sweet thoughts!

Amy said...

Awww - I just love their creativity and to hear what they are REALLY thinking about. :)

I can't believe she could come up with so much in one sitting!


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