Friday, February 01, 2008

Frugal Friday-- dryer sheets

I don't recall if I've blogged about this before. Today I'm feeling too lazy to look through hundreds of blog posts; so if you've read it before, let it be a lesson unto you. File it in your gee-whiz file. Refer to it when you're looking to cut $1.00 from your monthly budget. Waste not. Want not. etc. etc.

To stretch your pennies just a little more, cut your fabric softener sheets/dryer sheets in half. If you find that using half is not sufficient to cut the static for certain loads, then you could always use two and make it a whole dryer sheet.

Do not use dryer sheets on your bath towels, kitchen towels, and cloth diapers. It decreases the absorbency.

Keep an empty tissue box on top of the dryer (thanks Mom for the idea) and write "used dryer sheets" on it. Then whoever takes a load out knows to place it in there.

I will sometimes toss a used one into the dryer with a new one. I figure there might be a little something left in them.

You can also use used dryer sheets as stabilizer with appliques.

Dust with used dryer sheets. They are very handy for dust on electronics. I especially like to use them to dust up the yucky, smelly, dust that accumulates next to the toilet by the toilet brush and plunger before I mop the floor.

You can use them to stuff crafts that need stuffin'.

I'd love to hear if YOU have any additional thoughts or ideas about dryer sheets.


Susie J. said...

You can throw a used dryer sheet, or two, into your drawer to keep your clothes smelling nice long after they leave the dryer. :) Or, in the bottom of the wastebasket (under the bag) to try to counteract a bit of the smell there.

Anonymous said...

I use them to clean scum off of shower walls and bugs off my car. I've heard they repel ants but haven't tried that yet.

Nikki said...

susie j. and anonymous--

Very good tips! I will add these to my uses. Well, we don't have a problem with ants here, but if Uncle Sam ever sends us somewhere that we do, I will try it. :)


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