Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Spiritual Variety Kiddie Kwips

Pookie has been carrying around a picture of the temple this afternoon. He got it at the beginning of last year in primary at church. He just came up to me and very concerned asked, "Who should I marry?" I replied, "Umm… you’ll find the right girl when you’re older."
Pookie then questioned,"Then she might have a name that I might remember forever?" I answered, "Yep. I hope so."

Earlier I heard a crash upstairs while I was holding a sleeping Bun. So I called G and Pookie downstairs quietly (instead of going up there myself).

I said, "What was that crash I just heard?"

G very seriously replied, "I think maybe it was the Holy Ghost coming."

Surprised I said, "Oh?"

G nodding said, "Pookie prayed that the Holy Ghost will help him find my frog."

Then, not long after that, like maybe 10 minutes, I overheard G singing a made-up song to herself while playing and walking around.

Pookie said, "G, I need you to be quiet. I'm listening for the Holy Ghost."

Even later I heard:

G jabbering away to Pookie and then he interrupted,

"G, remember I need you to not talk to me until I am six. I'm still listening. shh!"

And just now while I was blogging all this,

G said, "Pookie, where is my frog?"

Pookie irritated, "I don't know where it is."

G said, "Remember, Heavenly Father is helping you."

Pookie sighed, "I don't think I've heard the Holy Ghost."


SuperCoolMom said...

Oh, those are so precious! ...a name I'll remember forever... love it.

Hey - have you ever tried freezing raw stew veggies? I was tempted to try it yesterday, but I've heard that celery wouldn't do well...however, if you're cooking it after, I don't see why it would make a difference. What's your opinion? (I was doing my OAMC.)

Nikki said...


I've frozen onions and bell peppers frequently. I'm sure celery wouldn't do well if you wanted to eat it raw afterwards-- but like you said, if you're cooking it after I don't think it would make a difference-- especially if it were going in a stew or soup. Let me know if you try it.

Abbey Benson said...

oh so cute!


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