Saturday, December 01, 2007

What was I thinking?!

This evening I ran a couple errands for Danny so he could finish getting ready for the trip Pookie and him will leave on tomorrow for Pookie's eye surgery. I unplugged the block heater on the little blue car, started it up, and then brushed off the snow. It was sparkly and fluffy and looked fake. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it all and the fantastic detail of each little flake until the reality visciously bit at my cheeks and wrists. It was negative 10 degrees Fahrenheit with windchill. And I realized I ought to be stripped of my sensible mothering title for letting my young children go trick-or-treating last year in negative 1 degree weather (which I recall was also negative 10 with windchill). My only defense comes in the fact that I was pregnant, not think straight due to morning sickness, extra warm due to padding (you know like 7 weeks worth), and desperate for trick-or-treating chocolate.
This picture was taken Halloween evening this year. It was a beautiful 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Look at that gorgeous sky!

These pics were from last year.

Before trick-or-treating

After trick-or-treating.


lizbit said...

Well, the children survived. And I bet they just loved trick-or-treating. That really is a beautiful picture, too. Although I am glad I'm somewhere where 32 degrees isn't "beautiful"

Haddorkus said...

I remember the first Halloween up there it was around 10, I think and about two feet of snow, Oct 2003. The two older kids went out just in their snow suits and we still only made it to about ten houses at the most. Every year after that though was much better. I do remember when in the spring the 30's is so nice. Its not something you understand unless you have lived through it, I guess. This Southern Californian never would have thought I could have survived the great white north.


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