Friday, December 21, 2007

Tag, you're it!!

Gross picture, I know. But we've been a bunch of sickies around here and these two boys are teething as well. Left to right, that's Bun, Nikki, and Ham. We're slow-dancing to Christmas music trying to wind down.

I've been tagged by Erin to list six things you may not know about me. Thank you Erin, because seeing as my blog is basically a journal, it will be nice to record it for posterity. :)
**Asterisks have been added to the appropriate words so I don't get an excess of
perverts reading my blog.**
1. Growing up I always wanted to have blonde hair. The blonde girls always seemed more popular and beautiful.

2. Growing up one brea*st was slightly bigger than the other. I was utterly embarrassed when my mom shared this information with others. They're just fine now-- so you know.

3. I discovered a lump in my left one when I was in high school. My mom took me to the doctor and right before sticking a massive needle into it, he (the doctor) asked my mom if brea*st cancer runs in the family. She replied very matter-of-fact, "No. Brea*sts don't run in the family."

4. When I was in middle school I had a huge crush on Bobby Smith-- the cutest boy in school who all the other girls had crushes on as well. Okay, I was somewhat of a stalker. I knew what his entire schedule was and arranged myself just perfectly to pass him between classes. When I began to fall behind in Algebra my school counselor recommended a student tutor. I hand-picked Bobby Smith since he was on the list. I didn't learn much gazing at his perfect pearly smile. I tried to get his attention by being the best in our P.E. class. That probably didn't do much for his ego though-- running faster than him and doing more sit-ups. But then when I was 17 and took a trip back to that area to visit my best friend I ran into him at my friend's brother's high school graduation. Bobby Smith said, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" I said, "I don't think so."

5. Danny and I didn't kiss until we had been engaged about a week. He had never kissed anyone before me.

6. When I am driving in the car or van (without other adults) I sing at the top of my lungs like I'm a star on broadway. And if people stare, I just pick up my cell phone like I'm just talking to someone enthusiastically.

I tag Laura, Abbey, Christy, Denay, Sara, and Liz to list 6 things about themselves on their blog that others don't necessarily know. And if you don't do it, well . . . party pooper.


Sara Fifield said...

Gosh! now I have to do it! it might take awhile, but I'll try :)

Amy said...

hahhaha! I love #6. Most who sing like that in the car don't care who's watching, but your need to pick the phone up must add an extra special kick for those watching and thinking, "What must they be talking about?!"

Unfortunately, # is correct. :P

Amy said...

That was suppose to be "#3" at the end of my last comment.

piglet26 said...

I am telling the truth when I say that you must have stolen Mr. Bun from me! He looks just like me and has called me Momma in the past. I can see that he is supposed to be my little boy, and by the way your girly beady socks are way cute, and I love my scrapbooking bonanza of a box!

lizbit said...

Hmm... must start thinking of things ...

Laura said...

Hi there - I'm going to get around to doing this, I promise... I've just got to put my thinking cap on and find 6 things that wouldn't put anyone to sleep. Keep an eye out for mine in the next few days! :-)

(I know ya'll are just quivering with anticipation...)

jvjw said...

thanks for sharing - great journal idea.


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