Sunday, December 02, 2007

Change of plans

I take it back. If you want cookies, you'll have to trek it out here to Pookieville. We're not going to the social/Christmas devotional. I'm going to watch it online. Danny left earlier today with Pookie to go to Pookie's eye surgery. Bun didn't nap and I fear he would on the drive there. So, I'm going to put him down early and then mop the kithen floor. Maybe I'll mop it now. Bun decided he wanted a drink of juice. So he pulled the gallon pitcher that was half full out of the fridge. He spilled trying to pour himself a drink while I was blogging the previous post. When I called to him, "Bun? Bun? Where are you?" there was no reply. I found him sitting in the middle of it trying desperately to clean it up with his socks. Two little socks, not so helpful. But I kept my wits about me and didn't chastise him. But now my feet are sticky. So yes, I will be mopping on the sabbath.


lizbit said...

Wasn't the devotional wonderful? Not to make you jealous, but I was able to watch it on BYU-tv in the comfort of my living room. I'm so grateful for modern technology!

jvjw said...

so..instead of the ox being in the mire, you and little Bun were the sticky ones! If I was in the frozen North, I'd go out as little as possible. Stay warm and dry!


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