Thursday, November 08, 2007

November 8th

For years and years, 16 to be exact, November 8th signified a painful day for me. It was the day I tried to break up with an abusive boyfriend-- more emotionally/verbally abusive than physically.

But today I take back November 8th. Today was a glorious day. I woke up to softly falling snow and a crockpot full of pinto beans with a full-bodied flavor. I put the other crockpot on with black beans and kissed Danny good-bye as he headed off to work. Bun didn't have a fit seeing Danny leave. I closed the door, realized it was November 8th and was already in a good mood. I decided, I'd remember it no more. It was sooooo long ago. I am very happily married with four wonderful little people, a hamster and goldfish. I put on my apron (I have a strawberries and gingham one that I ADORE) and fed the kids breakfast.

I completely skipped teaching the kids school today. I made up for it by taking them all to the commissary on a "field trip" to get our Thanksgiving turkey. I called before we left to make sure there were still Armour turkeys. For about five or six weeks before Thanksgiving, the commissary gets a shipment of Armour turkeys every Wednesday evening and puts them out on Thursdays. The Armour turkeys are 45 cents a pound. The Butterball turkeys are 99 cents a pound. So the Armour ones sell out really fast. The meat department person I spoke to said, that yes they were in and they've been going fast, but they did have 6000 pounds of turkey so if I hurry I should be okay.

We entertained curious on-lookers with comments like, "We have to hurry and get our turkey! Are we too late? Is tomorrow Thanksgiving? Why are we getting two turkeys? Can we PLEASE get 9 broccoli trees? I LOVE broccoli trees! I spy CAULIFLOWER!! Oh Momma, look at these beautiful squash! Can we get this big yellow one? Can we get this orange and green one? It's funny looking! Look the pumpkins are on sale! Can we get one? We could save this pumpkin until next Halloween and then we can make it into a jack-o'lantern!! I want stuffed mushrooms! Are you going to make stuffed mushrooms? I'm being good, huh Momma? Mommy, can we go to the mommy-store after the commissary? I want to count the apples. We don't go to the mommy-store on Sunday because then we would go to Satan. We don't lick the ice in the meat department huh Mommy? String cheese!! Wahoo!! Ew eggs. Look at this cute cereal. Can we get it? Woggurt! (yogurt to Bun) Mommy, that man is buying white milk with the red lid AND white milk with the green lid!!!! We don't drink soda huh Mommy. It is very not good for our bodies." I must've kissed their cute little heads and hands a thousand times during our trip because they make me so happy. And I didn't even care that I had my pajama shirt on and forgot to put on deoderant today.

So, ex-boyfriend, I write you out of my November 8ths. I forgive you. I move on. I hope you can find a life as happy as mine.


hotmamabeads said...

I am so proud of you for moving on!!! What a beautiful day with your little darlings. I haven't even begun to think about Turkeys - moment of panic to realize that it's so close.

piglet26 said...

I am leaving a comment so you will run up and down the stairs...then you will look even better and that crazy psycho ex-boyfriend wierdo will be even more remorseful that he ever bagered you. hahahahaha

Susan said...

Dear Nikki,

What a beautiful, beautiful post today. I love all the cute quips that your darling children said. I love that you took back the day, not worrying about shoulds, but instead doing something that was exciting and fun. I'm glad that you've been able to put this away from you and move on. Moving on sometimes is harder to do than it seems. I know, I've been in that kind of relationship also.

My love to you,

Abbey Benson said...

Wow, you are such a strong person. Your kids are so cute. I miss you guys. Hope you are doing well!
Love, Abbey

OHANA said...

Well good ridance to bad memories, and HELLO to a beautiful family!! We love you, all of you!

Julie V. said...

I love your mesage today. It takes strength ands courage to let go of the past sometimes and you have it. Kudos for having a great day with your little ones. Every day should be like this one. Give extra hugs and kisses to your little charmers from me, too please...and a big hug to your awesome hubby. Then tell him he is supposed to give YOU an extra big hug from me, too. (Can't get too many hugs you know!)

Leslie said...

You know I hate the bad stuff in life (you should know anyway with as much as I whine about it) but sometimes in moments like this when I read your blog or hear similar stories from friends, I realize that sometimes the bad in our life makes us appreciate the good SO MUCH MORE. And you totally deserve all the good there is in life.


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