Monday, November 26, 2007

Finally some princess pictures and details.

Princess G getting ready for the party.
Princesses cheering for the cake

Left to right: Princess Rachel, Princess Lucy (not the hamster), Princess Jessie, designing their princess hats.

Princess G, Princess Lucy, and Princess Jessie in the castle.

We were able to make a one room castle for the party out of a big box from the commissary and a large flat piece of cardboard, a big fat sharpie, and some straws, curling ribbon, printer paper, and streamers to decorate the top.

Danny picked up two of the princesses and the other two princesses arrived early. They were eager to participate in the festivities.

I told the story of the princess and the pea. And then I asked the girls if any of them were real princesses. They all insisted they were. So I said we would test them like the princess in the story, "But we'll try just one mattress since we don't have twenty." Danny placed a small ball underneath the egg-crate foam, then I put a pink sheet on top since "that is what princesses would use of course," and then I demonstrated how to roll across it. All five girls and Bun and Pookie rolled across and were delighted to find that they truly were royalty.

Now with proof of their true identity we put name tags on them. The girls wanted to pick their own names. So we had Belle, Aurora, Island Fairy Princess, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. and Prince Pook-a-lot.

We talked about how important it is to stand tall during adversity and choose the right. Then I asked them to walk across the room with a book on their head and not be scared by possible hiding dragons. But alas four year old girls are not coordinated enough to walk with books on their heads. So we walked across the room on our tip toes. Poor princess Rachel about wet herself watching the scary Danny-dragon jump out at the other girls. So I walked across with her and told him to be a very nice dragon.

We made beaded name bracelets. By the way, 4 year old girls do not feel confident enough to string their own beads onto their bracelets. And should you think it's a good idea to have everyone hold their letters while you're making all the bracelets, you're bound to lose a few letters/beads.

We colored white pieces of posterboard with washable markers to make into princess hats. That went a lot better than I anticipated. No marker on the carpet, girls' clothing, or floor. Just a little marker got on their hands.

The girls oohed and ahhed at the castle cake. It was hideous. It tasted wonderful, but looked just hideous. I made cream cheese frosting for it. It just wasn't firm enough of a frosting. And the girls spit out their Good & Plenty candies declaring them "nasty jellybeans."

The girls were so excited to help G open her presents. They took turns bringing them to her, helped her tear off ribbons and paper, and passed around the gifts to look at. G happily shared her bows with the girls by sticking them on them until they all had a bow. They were all wonderful about the whole process. They were even more delighted when I announced that they all got a present too and that it was called a goody bag. I let the girls take home balloons if they wanted to.

If I remember more details, I'll post them on this post. :) And I may add more pics.
So many princesses!!

Updates: I made skirts for the girls just like Susan described in the comments of this post. Tulle and ribbon. They were very easy. I dropped them off with a Royal Decree for the girls asking them to dress in their favorite princess clothing including the skirt for the party.

We also had a three-legged race. Basically the activities for the party followed most of Piglet26's suggestions.

And the cake pattern that I followed was from Proverbs 31 suggestion on the comments of the same post.
When the girls were arriving we had birthday party music on. They danced and danced. I actually considered letting them dance for two hours instead of doing anything planned. :)


jenny said...

how cute!! i don't think i'll ever get to have a princess party at my house:( maybe i'll have to have one for one of my birthdays:-)

Susan said...

That sounds like an absolutely awesome party! What fun that you had them find out if they were "true" princesses! That is a nice touch. I love the skirts, they turned out great, but I'm truly impressed by your castle. I could never freehand something like that. Really!! You did an awesome job and I'm sure G. loved it!

Leslie said...

Because thou didst not invite me or my peasants I shall have to slay thee and thy dragon and take thy princesses for randsom. for thou didst hold a truly royal party of which I am most royally jealous.

oh well - I shall just have to copy for Anna's party next year!

Myfriendconnie@SmockityFrocks said...

That castle is amazing! I'm sure they'll enjoy that for a good long while.

gurrbonzo said...

WOW! You are the best mom in the world! I wish MY friends had a party like that...the castle looks AWESOME, the pea game sounds great, the hats, the stand tall, the Sounds like it was a hit!

Haddorkus said...

G. should remember that one for a long time. How cool. That pea thing is soooo cute I could squeal. DD thinks she is a princess. Once as a punishment we stripped her of her princess title, let me tell you did that one work. When we gave her her title back she behaved. She was like you can take it away? I said you ask Lady Diana if it can't be taken away, she used to be a princess and she's not anymore. She was so devastated.

Anyway, that party is so above and beyond the call of duty. I am so impressed.

lizbit said...

Yay! Party pics! It sounds like G got an amazing birthday party.

Proverbs31 said...

Oh, come on - I think you're cake looks great! Not Iron Chef perhaps, but very very cute. (And I'm not just saying that because I suggested that!)

The whole thing looks like a lot of fun and very adorable.


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