Monday, October 01, 2007

Silly sister

My sister is so stinkin' funny. This is a must-read. When I'm feeling awkward, I will refer back to her post.

Here is a recent picture of her cute little family. Not when the awkward moment was. oh no. She probably wasn't smiling then. hehe


Haddorkus said...

Awesome, that one was bad. I have a bad one too. When I was in college meaning I had two kids by now, I was taking pottery. A bunch of us were working at a table and someone brought up the whole Palestian/Israeli dilema. My basic thought was why don't they just get over it by now and learn to live with each other already, it would be like asking gus to give back South Dakota to the Indians. That's when I finally took a look around the table and of course there was a Native American at the table. I went back to work and said to more.

HotMama said...

that was too funny! Definitely something I would have done. She is lovely - are you gorgeous girls hawaiian?


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