Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A date and prize have now been announced.

HotMama just asked me a question that G has been asking me about ten times a day, "When is the princess party?" Which has officially been changed to "princess party" from "fairy princess party." *Sigh of relief* Almost 4 year olds have to be sold on the idea before accepting change.

So, the party . . . it's on October 20th. I've got a better idea of how the big day will play out. But I need invitation help since I completely forgot to think about that. And I'm still welcoming more ideas on games, food, and decor.

And I finally have a prize to announce . . . drumroll please . . .

The winning name drawn from the comments on this post will receive a yellow ducky towel! So, I'm counting on y'all to save me time with all your fabulous ideas so I have time to sew up a ducky towel. And I'll pay up to $8.10 shipping. So if you're out of the U.S. or want it expedited, you'll have to pay the difference.


lizbit said...

wow, I don't check for one weekend and you do how many posts? :) Have I told you how great your blog is? I'm always impressed.

Amy said...

Oh nikki! I was going to tell you that for Kami's 3rd birthday I bought these cake and cupcake toppers off ebay (not bidding on, but buy it now), that can be customized and in about any theme you want. We had little mermaid, and then I specified the writing. It comes in the mail in a stiff envelope and then you stick it right on top of the icing and it changes and "jells" to it, to where it is just frosting too. VERY cool. If you're interested, email me for details.

HotMama said...

Here's a great idea - one year I was going to have a pony party for my DD, I'd gotten a $5.00 tube of tiny horses to give in the treat bags or put on cupcakes...she found them, wanted them, I said they were for her friends at the party, but if she wanted to keep them all - she could have them all and not have a party! She bought it hook, line, & sinker - cheapest non-party I ever gave. We just had cupcakes for the family to celebrate. heeheeheee!

On the other hand, you could get a little die cut castle for the front of the invites (pop-up would be cool) and give the girls all their crown/tiarra/princess hat/or wand with their invite - so they know to dress up!

One year I had several $2.00 Barbies from Day-After-Thanksgiving shopping - wrapped them up, and gave one to each girl instead of a bag-o-junk (cost about the same & lasted way longer).

Nikki said...


Thank you for the wonderful idea. I had to delete your comment because it used real names. But I will consider you in the drawing for the ducky towel.


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