Friday, September 14, 2007

Why yes, this is yet another Friday post.

Missileer Pookie driving back from work.
Sparkle pants G tuckered out from being a kitty all day.

Bun inviting me into his lovely little home.

Ham snacking on his fingers.

All is well with Pookie and Ham. Thank you for all the prayers and support. Pookie and Ham had appointments this past Monday with Dr. C, a pediatric ophthalmologist, in Minnesota. We thought we saw nystagmus in Ham like Pookie has, and were concerned that perhaps he has Ocular Albinism as well. He also doesn’t make eye contact—which Pookie didn’t until he was eight months old. But Dr. C said that Ham has “delayed visual maturation.” Dr. C says it’s very common in preemies and his vision will catch up completely within his first year. He said he’ll see him in 6 months just to follow up. As with Pookie, Dr. C said that he doesn’t believe he even has Ocular Albinism. Pookie had a test called a VEP done and we’ll get the results back within a month or two to know for sure. Dr. C believes Pookie has congenital motor nystagmus. It’s not hereditary. It’s just one of those things that happens. He also has his left eye crossing in—which is directly related to the nystagmus and Pookie trying to focus. So, he’ll have eye muscle surgery for that probably in December. We’re hoping that the Air Force approves Danny and Pookie to fly out to Minnesota since the roads will be treacherous between here and there. If they don’t approve the flight, we’ll all drive out again together for another fun vacation/hotel experience.


Pop said...

Great pics of the kids. We miss them all. That's great news about the medical visit and we are so excited. Hope you all had fun on your trip to Minnesota. Thinking of you all.

HotMama said...

Those babies are so cute! That is totally funny because Buzz has been acting like baby animals for about a week now. Every five minutes he's either meowing, barking, hopping, or ribbiting.

How early was Ham? Bitty Baby was 6 weeks early and she's got the cross-eyed thing going on half of the time too. But her Dr. hasn't expressed any concern.

Nikki said...


I know you're just asking me a question because I can't resist answering and then I'll have to do 5 more sit-ups. But it's okay-- especially considering you're maxing out your walking today from me. ;)

Ham was 5 1/2 weeks early. But it's actually Pookie who's eyes are crossing. The doctor said that crossing usually shows up between 18 months and 4 years-- so it's unusual that Pookie, who is 5 1/2, just started showing signs in the last six months. But he is now just starting to read-- so that's probably why.

How old is Bitty Baby? I know a lot of babies appear cross-eyed for the first three months and are totally "normal" and don't have crossed eyes after that.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

So glad you appointments were encouraging.

The kids look so cute.

lizbit said...

It's great to see pictures of your kids. I'm glad the news from the doctor was good!

HotMama said...

Oops, just got back to read your answer - Bitty Baby is 7 months old, and was 6 weeks early. She doesn't do the cross-eyed thing as much as she used to, so I'm not too worried.


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