Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today is my Dad's 58th birthday.

*Please look at this post and give me your advice.*

I forgot to mail Dad a birthday card. So, here is his bloggy-world ode to his birthday.

1. Dad is the oldest of 3.

2. He has one sister and one brother.

3. Dad has 5 kids and one dog.

4. Dad has been married to Mom for 34 years.

5. Dad has 15 grandkids.

6. He is the bishop for a young married student ward in Happy Valley (fourth time being a bishop).

7. Dad works at the same university as my mom.

8 . Dad was born in Hawaii before it was a state. He remembers getting the day off from school when it became a state.

9. To my kids, Dad is "Papa."

10. I have called him "Daddy, Pops, Dad, and hey Sterling!"

11. My dad taught me how to fish.

12. My dad helped Danny and me move to Cedar City and then back again 7 weeks later.

13. My dad drove 18 hours to the California central coast after G was born to be there for her baby blessing and to drive Pookie, G, and me back to Happy Valley to buy a van on the way to moving to the Frozen North.

14. My dad changes diapers.

15. My dad talked over the pros and cons with me when I was looking into purchasing cloth diapers.

16. My dad cautioned me not to go to New York to be a nanny when I was 18. I'm glad I didn't.

17. My dad gave me my first Book of Mormon. And I still have it.

18. My dad taught me how to pay tithing.

19. My dad taught me to forgive quickly.

20. My dad baptized me when I was eight. I am grateful for his righteousness.

21. My dad took us camping frequently.

22. My dad bought me goodies for girls camp.

23. My dad taught me how to drive (and clutched his chest a whole lot yelling).

24. My dad encouraged me to participate in sprints and races and taught me to pace myself.

25. My dad paid for 4 years of piano lessons-- for which I am truly grateful.

26. My dad gave Danny his blessing to marry me.

27. When I told my dad how dramatic and high-maintenance G can be, he laughed and said, "She's just like you were."

28. My dad comforted me when I had nightmares.

29. I love the way my dad makes corned beef and cabbage.

30. My dad is willing to go out at 11 p.m. for ice cream.

31. My dad taught me how to check the oil and fill it (several times).

32. My dad taught me how to pump gas.

33. My dad eats rice every day.

34. My dad is very generous.

35. My dad supported me in my pageant quests.

36. My dad played Nintendo with me.

37. My dad let me use his email address back in the day when there was only one for the whole family.

38. My dad gave me a spoonful of salsa once when I said I bad word when I was six.

39. My dad taught me how to ride a bike.

40. My dad taught me how to roller-skate.

41. My dad let me play t-ball when I was five.

42. My dad let me play soccer when I was six and encouraged me not to quit.

43. My dad taught me how to make bacon when I was seven.

44. My dad bought us school supplies and new school clothes.

45. My dad did the shopping when I was a teenager and even bought "unmentionables" for the women of the family.

46. My

47. dad

48. is

49. the

50. best

51. dad

52. and

53. Papa

54. in

55. the

56. whole

57. wide

58. world!


Nikki said...

Happy Birthday Dad! Yes, I'll be the first congratulator! (and do six stomach-crunches for it as well)

Pop said...

I almost couldn't finish reading this without the sniffles in my nose or the tickle in my throat (coming down with a cold.) I loved every bit of it and the joy it's brought to my day. Thanks to Pookie and G for the Birthday song this morning. Love to you all, and for remembering.

Leslie said...

This post totally made my eyes water too because we totally have an awesome dad! Plus, I didn't know about the day off for HI becoming a state, or the salsa story. So funny!

gurrbonzo said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your dad! I actually remember that we share the same birthday, because one day Rachel and I discovered her birthday is exactly nine months after today...

Life with Littles said...

you are really blessed Nikki. Your Dad sounds great.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Happy Birthday to your dad, Nikki. He must be great to have great daughters like you and Leslie.

Jen said...

He sounds like a great guy! Happy Birthday to him!

I can only imagine what it must be like to be Bishop of a student ward, probably more drama than being bishop of a regular ward! Kudos to him!


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