Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thoughts for Thursday

1. Today is Danny's 31st birthday.

2. I have a migraine.

3. Bun already puked this morning.

4. My computer is on the fritz so I'm using Danny's laptop.

5. I can't figure out how to download pictures onto his laptop.

6. Danny got a hamster named Lucy for his birthday and a goldfish named Squirt.

7. Pookie wants Carebear fruit snacks for breakfast.

8. I have three little helpers begging to help make the birthday cake.

9. Here's hoping it doesn't turn out like Bun's first cake.

10. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall.

11. You can balance a raw egg on end tomorrow.

12. My house smells. Is it the hamster? Or is it the puke? Or is it the potty-training toddler?

13. At least hamster poop is smaller than dog poop.


Mary said...

My cakes are never pretty... but as long as they taste good, everyone is happy. If I want a pretty cake, I'll ask Mom.

Nikki said...

I know what you mean. I was thinking of trying to make an ice cream cake for Danny. But I think it may end up disastrous. Too bad Mom won't travel all the way to the Frozen North for a cake request. :)

lizbit said...

Good luck with everything! And if you're making ice cream cake, it doesn't matter how it looks it will be wonderful. mmm, ice cream cake...

OHANA said...

happy happy birthday Danny dear, happy days will come to you all year, if I had a wish than it would be for a happy defrosted birthday to you from me. You can always defrost in hawaii!!

jvjw said...

Happy Birthday Dan!
Hey, thanks for the compliments, but I've had my share of loser cakes! Best way to do an ice cream cake is to freeze the cake layers first (bake a day in advance) Let your ice cream soften a bit and spread between frozen cake layers, then refreeze the whole thing before icing. I like whip cream icing (bakeries use yummy stuff called Bettercream, which I buy from the bakery at the grocery store. It comes in a very big carton and you whip it up.)
Again, refreeze the finished cake, and serve frozen. Makes me hungry thinking about it.
Nikki - sounds like you were having one of THOSE days! Hope they aren't too frequent. Migraines can mess up everything. Hope you feel better tomorrow. Love Ya!


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