Saturday, September 08, 2007

Ready for the road trip!

So, right now I should be in bed getting a good rest before the eight hour drive. But I'm blogging.

You know what I love about going on vacation? (Yes, I'm pretending this is a vacation.) The thing I love is knowing that I'm going to come home to a clean fridge and little or no laundry. We started the habit shortly after getting married of straightening and picking up before leaving on vacation so we could come home to a clean house. Especially when you're bringing home suitcases to unload, it's nice to not have a mess waiting for you. And it's especially nice to not have to see really old science-experiment aged leftovers in the fridge. I even wiped off the griddle we keep on the stovetop. By the way, thanks Connie. I don't know how we survived before storing the griddle right on the stove. You always have great WFMW ideas.

Anyways, I digress. Now I'm thinking about how peaceful the house is and that now would be the perfect time to mop. But I'll refrain and just go to bed. See you in a week!


Leslie said...

good luck with the drive and the appointsments! You definitely deserve a vacation (even if bits of it won't be so leisurely) :)

HotMama said...

I like to take the suitcases straight to the laundromat and do all that dirty laundry in one fell swoop. It feels so great to just have it done in two hours and go home and put it away in drawers. Have fun!

OHANA said...

good luck, hope all goes well!!

Haddorkus said...

Our prayers are with you. I remember our "vacation" to MSP for Dan we still made time for the mall and the kids loved the aquarium in the mall. We took them to build a bear where they made some huskies. A mom we named Minnesota and 2 puppies we named Kindie and Chang after Dan's oncologist after the test turned up beneign. My prayer is that your trip can be as good a memory as ours was.


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