Sunday, September 16, 2007

Less mopping, less laundry, less love handles.

I have the secret that I've been searching for. It was there all along and I have finally embraced it.

I am giving up chocolate. I know, I can hear it now. What?! Is she crazy? Good luck with that!
Well, it makes Ham spit up-- not just a little dribble, but copious amounts. It's on three to four receiving blankets a day, numerous burp cloths (which are actually DSQ [diaper service quality] prefolds), and three to four outfits as well. His outfits I mean. With me it's only two or three shirt changes and occasionally a pants or skirt change. Only. HA! That's about enough for a load. Count the washcloth to clean up the spit up on the floor, computer chair, and couch, and the washable mop head and you've got a whole load!

And I'm no slim chicken. I can pretend it's from having four kids in 5 1/2 years. But it's not. It's from Cadbury mini-eggs and mint Christmas M&M's and plain M&M's and peanut, almond, crispy, and Shrek M&M's. And then there's the brief two week time when I loved Kissables from Hershey's and then there's Nestle Treasures. And then of course there's the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe that makes 5 dozen cookies. So, no slim cluck-cluck here.

It's time to take back my body!


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nikki, what a funny post. I loved all your chocolate candies...they are oh, so good.

Good luck with the fight against chocolate campaign.

gurrbonzo said...


one of my favorite old ladies always says "I'd give up chocolate, but I'm not a quitter."

jvjw said...

You can do it! When the doctor told me to give up chocolate during the time I was having major heart pains (bad valve), I didn't eat any chocolate for three years! It only took about a month for the cravings to diminish, and now I just can't eat very much of it anymore - just a little here and there of the right yummy kind - like Holland mints and melt in your mouth truffles....but I can make the treats last a really long time if I can hide them sufficiently from the hubby!

HotMama said...

Wow, you're a stronger woman than I am. Although I did propose to my hubby that we just avoid bringing any in to the house. I'll end up being a secret car snacker.

Nikki said...


Old ladies are so funny. I just read on a friend's blog about how an old lady told her she was expecting a boy because her bee-hind was getting bigger and she had noticed.