Monday, September 17, 2007

I'd rather be blogging. Really.

I am sooooooooooo done with potty training. Anyone willing to travel all the way to the Frozen North and potty train my two-year old? Any takers? Anyone? Pretty please?

I vacuumed rugs and carpets and rolled them up and put them away. Pulled out a dozen pairs of training pants (Gerber, cotton, thick-like underwear). Gave him all the Gatorade he would drink and then pretzels and then more pretzels and more pretzels and then more Gatorade again. He was very cordial and sweet about the whole process.

Me: Bun, where do we put our potty?
Bun: In da potty chair!
Me: That's right. We potty in the potty chair and keep our underwear dry. Is your underwear dry?
Bun: No. wet. icky. oh naaaaaah-steee!
Me: Yep. Let's change them.
Bun: Okay Mommy. Mommy? I wuv you. *hug*
Me: I love you to Bun. Here you go. Remember how to pull them up?
Bun: Yep.
Me: Where are you going to put your potty next time?

Me: Bun? Bun, did you just potty in your dry underwear and shorts?
Bun: Yep. Ew. wet. icky
Me: *sigh* Do you want a diaper or underwear?
Bun: Undawear!
Me: Okay. Here you go. Let's put these plastic pants over the dry underwear.
Bun: Okay Mommy. Mommy? I wuv you.
Me: I love you too Bun. You're such a big boy now.

3 minutes lapse. Bun is found hiding behind the couch. Britches are full. Mommy is done.


Mary said...

I think this entry shows why I am in no rush to potty train my kid... Potty trained would be nice, but the process not so much. And it's so much more convenient having him in diapers.

Cynthia said...

Oh, I hear you on the potty training! It can be a nightmare to the mom and the little ones just don't seem that disappointed or phased by it all. I'll be sending good wishes your way!

HotMama said...

LOL!! You can laugh at me in about 6 months, or I may just wait until Buzz is going to kindergarten and his teacher can handle it, right?

Haddorkus said...

Potty hey hey hey, someone has Bear in the Big Blus House, We all have that show memorized in this house. Although I don't know if it actually did anyting to help. The beginning is the worse. With potty-training out last one, Bug, I foung the magic bullet. My Dan took leave for two weeks and I made him do it. It was the best.