Friday, September 14, 2007

Guess what 3 white chips can buy.

I tried to buy myself 10 more minutes of sleep this morning by offering Pookie, who was sleeping on Danny's side of the bed, 3 white chips. After I finally convinced him that he would be doing Mommy a huge favor by not getting up yet, he fell back asleep and I got another HOUR!!! How did I do this? I also asked G ever-so-sweetly in a tone that suggested it was what she really wanted, "Would you like to turn on your light and play with Bun quietly while I nurse Ham?" She said, "Wahoo!" Fortunately, Bun didn't wake up yet so I knew they were not into mischief. And I had Ham latched-on and fell back asleep.


HotMama said...

Good plan, I usually let the big kids get Buzz breakfast and turn on a movie, while I try to snag a few extra ZZZZ's.

Amy said...

Oh man - G is SOOO much more willing than my 3 year old. If Sky and I are still sleeping, and she wakes up, I just get a consistant little (irritating) tap on my shoulder until I can not pretend to be asleep anymore. And since we are in a two story where Kami can not let herself downstairs through the gate, I "have" to get up. There is no playing in the room for her...she wants FOOD immediately upon waking. lol

By the way, I can not get over how much Bun looks like you in the playhouse picture!


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