Monday, August 13, 2007


I've decided to give up many hobbies and crafts in order to prioritize, organize, and simplify my home and family better.

I have enjoyed sewing, scrapbooking, painting crafts, crocheting, baking, cooking, gardening and more.

Since our homeschooling curriculum is getting more focused this year with Pookie entering kindergarten, that area of our home definitely needs more order. There I said it. In case you didn't know. I've been somewhat of a closet-homeschooler for the past three years. But YES I will be homeschooling my children.

But I digress . . .

Other than leper bandages, I'm giving up crocheting. I'm giving up painting crafts except for the kids letters on their walls. And I'm giving up stamping and scrapbooking. Gasp! Yes, and honestly it's a huge sigh of relief. Leslie gave me permission to let these things go. So thank you Leslie.

I'm going to continue sewing since I'm constantly finding a need for modest girl clothing-- more so than boy clothing (their's is usually more modest in stores). I enjoy sewing non-clothing items too -- curtains, ducky towels, bag holders, hand towel organizers, diaper stackers, and toilet paper holders, etc, etc. I refuse to learn quilting because I'm SURE I will become addicted. Maybe in about twenty years.

Our family budget definitely benefits from gardening and the kids learn so much. There's such a joy in seeing little sprouts of green poke up through the earth. I think next year I'll look into square-foot gardening.

I'm pretty sure the family would not appreciate it if I gave up cooking and baking.

Note of special interest: If you're interested in these hobbies I'm pruning from my life, stay tuned for giveaways this week. Most giveaways will be gently used.

Happy Birthday to my favorite father-in-law ever! Your good example to Danny is what has made him such a great husband and father. Thank you. Have a happy, happy day!


Leslie said...

I think the saying, "less is more" is so true. Less stuff to take care of equals more time with family, more money in the bank because we're buying less stuff, more freedom with time to do the things we really love. I love ALL of those hobbies you mentioned too but I sure felt better when I decided to just focus on my absolute top favorite things to do. We're purging pals!

Mary said...

Ooh, I want some of that scrapbooking stuff! As soon as we get into a house I'm going to start scrapbooking again. Just don't have the space to spread it all out here. :-(

gurrbonzo said...

I bet you will feel pretty relieved...but it cracks me up that by "simplifying" you will still homeschool, garden, cool and sew, which still sounds like an awful lot to me. Go Nikki Go!

Susan said...

I can totally understand the "giving it up because it takes to much time and energy to keep it going" thing. I'm feeling that in all the volunteer stuff that I do. My only concern, please, please, please, don't give up blogging. We would miss you too much!


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