Thursday, August 02, 2007

Frugal tip of the month

My frugal tip of the month is:

Donate your hair to Locks of Love. Two days ago, a hair salon chain here in Happy Valley cut and styled my hair for free because I donated a 10" ponytail to Locks of Love. I'm going to save lots of money not buying so much shampoo and conditioner for the next little while. I didn't have time to dry and style my hair anyways with it long. It usually ended up in a braid or a bun. Occasionally I would put gel or mousse in it and wear it curly for church on Sunday. But that always took up a lot of styling product. Today I washed my hair, conditioned it, put gel in it, and it took approximately five minutes. So I'm saving time too. I'm probably going to save money on Tylenol by not having as many headaches. Best of all, a little deserving child will get a wig because of my donation.

This is becoming a bit of a tradition for me. I donated the first time when Pookie was 19 months old, the second time when Bun was 3 weeks old, and now a third time when Ham is two and a half months-- all thanks to my hair growing fast during pregnancy.

note: Not all salons will cut it for free. I had to call around to find one. Most of them will mail in your donation for you though. :)


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Yeah for you, Nikki! I hope you'll post a picture with your new do.

Amy said...

That's a greeat idea! Now let's see a picture of your new short do.

By the way, short or long, with our family genes you'd be a great candidate for Curly Girl (a way of caring for curly hair). Quick and easy and no more brush or shampoo (I know...I thought it sounded gross at first too. hee hee). :D I love my hair when I actually do it.

OHANA said...

I love that you do that, I always think about that but never have the guts to cut my hair too short. I also want to see a picture of the new due!!

Kimm said...

I did the same thing a year ago and my 6 year old did it a few months ago. My Daughter wants to keep growing and donating hers but now that mine is short I love it and my husband loves it so I haven't been able to grow it out again.
Pregnancy is such a good time to grow out your hair. I guess I missed my chance with this one.

piglet26 said...

hello?!? donating it to locks of love is a load of crap! What about donating it to balding sister? who cares if some whiny kid is running around bald when my own head is skimping on locks. You need to prioritize. Plus...i would have hacked it for free and it would have saved you all that time from calling around.


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