Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday-- Kitchen counter chaos!

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

So I decided not to wait. I LOVE before and after pictures of disorganized to organized places. So I'm guessing you may too. Here are the horrifying before pictures. These pictures are of my kitchen counter which is the #1 hotspot in our home.


Go ahead and click on the pictures to see all the mess enlarged.


Much better! Everything has been put away in it's proper place. And there was also a lot of random trash and junk mail hidden in all that.


Cherie said...

Our kitchen counter is also our major "HOT SPOT" in our home! It's awful! So this is also my tackle today! This and laundry! I just gotta get going!

jase said...

HOT SPOT huh? My house looks like that all over! I
can't wait to see how you HGTV it!! I like to watch all the shows to see the organization, style, design, and many ways to beautify my house!!


Crystal said...

Awesome - kind of looks like my kitchen! Can't wait to see the after shots:)

Leslie said...

I'm having deja-vu (spelling?). That looks so much like my whole kitchen right now. Seriously. I usually am an organized person (bordering on OCD some might say) but the last couple of days things have quickly snowballed around here and it's driving me crazy! So I'm gonna work on in right now!

Amy said...

Hot spot? That is more like a boiling spot! HAHA!
It will be hard to find a place that looks like that in my home if you are visiting since I'm way too OCD to let anything get out of hand. I even have toys picked up immediately after use. lol HOWEVER, I do have my Monica closet(s), that is to never be revealed to the public eye, that would make your hot spot look tidy. My computer armoire being the #1. The garage being #2, since I can just throw it out there quickly if answering the door with rags, trash, diapers, etc in hand. HAHA!

Amy said...

Ahhh - much better. It's looks awesome now!

Jennifer Sprague, All Natural Mommies said...

WOW - what a transformation - great great job!

ERiCA said...

Ooh, I would so love to redecorate my kitchen. I'm excited to live it vicariously through you!!


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