Sunday, June 10, 2007

A little update.

The first picture is of Bun June 2, 2007, after a stroganoff attack. The next picture is Ham that same day with his "no paparazzi" pose.

It was Ham’s first day to church; he wore his first 0-3 month outfit instead of preemie or newborn size. His feet got lost in it though. He's 4 weeks old today. :)

Today was the first time we’ve sat through all of sacrament meeting without having to take any children out. And we had no escapees.

G fell asleep during singing time in Primary and nearly fell off her chair.

After the children were dismissed to go to their separate classes, G followed the wrong teacher and found herself in nursery—and didn’t have any desire to leave. She wanted to hang out with Bun.

Bun tried to pick up Ham when he was fussing.

I finally admitted that Pookie may be old enough to give up naps and maybe G too. Maybe we’ll get more hours of sleep at night out of them.


piglet26 said...

Just a word of advice, I have found that if you drop a tablespoon full of baby benedryl into your kids milk cups or juice cups through out the day, they will take a lovely long nap and a have a hearty night stretch of sleep. Another friendly tip would be to simply lock the doors until you are ready to get up. oh, and don't forget the TV method. If you children wake up early in the morning, just install a television in their room that they can simply turn on and watch cartoons all morning until you want them to come out. I have found that a great accompaniment to the TV is a small room refridgerator that you could stalk with great television snacking foods like soda and candy...that way the children could simply wake up, grab a tv treat and watch a few good shows! Not only will you get them to stay in their rooms longer, but you will be promoting independence as they learn to get their own treats and turn the television on.

For more friendly helpful parenting advice, just visit my website at:

Mary said...

Adorable pictures! My own kiddo is no longer napping on a regular basis. At least he doesn't get grouchy or in too much trouble when he's up. And when he does want to nap, he'll climb into his crib on his own. =)

Amy said...

Congrats on making it through sacrament! I know those days at church are such a cause for celebration. :)

My kids are not big on naps and Kami gave up hers a while ago, although she will occasionally sleep if we are out during the late afternoon and coming home in the car. I have to say, the no nap days are wonderful because both kids are in bed by 8p or sooner and sleep for a good 12 hours. While napping days means a 10p bed time. Yikes! It just means more mommy work in the day unless you institute a good "quiet time" period. But then you have your nights free. :)

4 weeks went fast! I can't believe you have 4 now. I can't wait!

jase said...

What cute kids, I can't believe they are that big already!! And Ham...already living the life of a star...or atleast trying not to. hee hee, so adorable.


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