Thursday, May 31, 2007

How to cure toddler constipation

Grandma W. and I have been perplexed at Bun's constipation for about the past week. His diet hasn't changed. He eats plenty of fiber. Our latest theory was that he was "holding it" and maybe this was a sign of upcoming potty training readiness.

Well today Grandma W. left for home. Ham has been home since Sunday and we've had a few days to settle into having four young kids at home with Grandma's help. So, to overcome the "I've been left to be a grown-up blues" I've been cleaning my home and catching up on laundry. I started thinking, I should put Bun back in cloth diapers and save some money. It'll help the environment too. When Ham is a little bit bigger I'll put him in cloth too. Then if I'm totally overwhelmed I could go back to disposables and relish the simple life.

So, now I know the cure to toddler constipation. After scrubbing the wood floor where Bun was changed, the bathroom wall where the wipes accidentally missed the trash, rinsing out a poopy diaper cover, fleece pocket, diaper and doubler, his pants and his shirt and throwing away 12, yes TWELVE baby wipes I feel the need to blog. Oh, and next time, I'll wear rubber gloves. Because now my hands have that perma-poop smell.


gurrbonzo said...

HAHAHA! permapoop! you are a CUP-ETUL(Cleaning Up Poop Example To Us All).

Cynthia said...

Oh! How sorry I feel for you. I hate those diaper disaster's!

lizbit said...

well, at least his constipation is gone! If it were me, I'd have probably cried, but reading about it--well, I have to admit I laughed. Just keep up all your great work, Nikki--you are an amazing Mom!


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