Thursday, April 19, 2007

Things I learned today from my children

1. Snapping up your jeans is a "hard thing to do when you’re three."

2. “Baby doesn’t really share very well,” observed Pookie about Bun.

3. Granola bars are “different cookies,” noted G.

4. There will be wars and much contention if there are only two pieces of salami left for three children.

5. “Pretzels are very yummy.” (G)

6. “Bread with butter is much better (than plain bread).” (Pookie)


Myfriendconnie said...

Cute! And we love your "Kiddie Kwips" on the side bar.

OHANA said...

love the children thoughts!!!

Leslie said...

so funny! And jeans aren't very easy to zip when you're 31 either (after a certain batch of cookies) I've been learning, lol.

lizbit said...

Thanks for sharing so many of the great things your kids say. They're so awesome! and adorable.

gurrbonzo said...

What an observant bunch! All those things are really true...especially about bread and butter. Mmmm.

Jana said...

What a neat perspective! My kids say stuff like this all the time... it really is like I'm learning from them. Learning how they think. I love it!

P.S. What I learned is that "the doctor's office always has a painting of flowers on the wall to tell people that it won't hurt."


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