Monday, April 09, 2007

72 days

72 days to go! And you know what's so special about that? Well, 72 is divisible by nine. And when I learned my times tables back when the earth's crust was cooling, my nines were my favorite. I like numbers. It's okay to have favorites. I particularly like the number 11232. You know, it's 104 times 108. Not really divisible by nine, but it's still nice. Don't ya think? That was the first number I remember from realizing I could multiply some three digit numbers in my head. But when I multiply them, I don't say, "Eleven thousand two hundred and thirty-two." It just pops into my head as, "One, one, two, three, two." Okay? So, not so brilliant, but still fun.

Added note: I'm a dork. It is divisible by nine! So it is a super cool number after all.

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