Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Fun and Frugalness

G with big Play-Doh ball.
Pookie with small Play-Doh ball-- "like Pluto."

The scalded milk with non-fat dry milk.

The yogurt start.

The finished (well-almost finished) product waiting. It will be finished in 8 hours.
Today we had lots of fun! In honor of our predicted 40 degree weather, we started off the morning making Berry-Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Pops. We learned that popsicles don't magically appear as soon as the top is sealed on it. We drank the leftover yogurt smoothie. We learned that popsicles aren't ready after five minutes in the freezer. Or ten minutes. Or fifteen minutes. Or twenty minutes. We learned that a long, long time doesn't mean 30 minutes. It means "maybe later this afternoon after naps or maybe after dinner for dessert." And that if we keep opening the freezer to check, it may never get done. So we had to distract ourselves with Play-Doh!
While Pookie and G practiced spelling their names out of Play-Doh, I took the leftover unsweetened yogurt and started a new batch. I love that my mom taught me valuable lessons like the cost of yogurt being much higher than the cost of milk and that I can make it myself.
Now I'm going to start a loaf a bread (that will cost me approximately 11 cents) and when it's rising, I'm going to make pumpkin walnut muffins-- because we finally bought eggs. Actually we bought eggs the day after the eggless-Friday of last week, but someone (who shall remain my eternal companion) left them out to die for over 24 hours and no one noticed. So I got eggs again on Wednesday. But let me tell you, I was a very bitter eggless person up until that point. All I could think about was the many, many recipes I couldn't make because I didn't have eggs.


uthinktank said...

at least your housemates didn't throw away your perfectly-good-eggs-in-an-old-carton without even asking. *sniffle*

lizbit said...

um, that was me by the way (I forgot I was logged in on a class account)

DakRat said...

'twas not I that left the eggs out...

Amy said...

Just point me in the right direction if it's already on here, but I'd love the recipe for hoemmade yogurt, and the yugurt pops. :D


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