Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday

1. I saved $13.75 by not buying disposable diapers for the past eleven days.

2. I earned dry chapped hands from wringing out cloth diapers for the past eleven days.

3. I also earned the delight of seeing how much Bun actually prefers cloth diapers. He especially likes the Polar Babies (they make his bum look like a teddy bear). They do make him waddle a bit.

4. Negative 36° F doesn’t look any different then 0° F. But it does feel different.

5. We gauge how cold it is by how long we involuntarily convulse in the vehicle before calming down. “How cold is it? Freeze your sinuses cold? Or 15 minutes convulsing cold?” Why? So I know how many layers to put on under my coat, gloves, hat and scarf and so I know if I should have the car or van running for 15 or 20 minutes before leaving.

6. Resident snow shovelers always demand hot chocolate for their efforts.

7. Squadron snow shovelers prefer cookies.

8. If you have been up late with an anti-sleeping child, you probably shouldn’t accidentally whack his head on the door frame when he’s finally asleep while you’re carrying him to bed.

9. Children between the ages of 3 and 5 will go to sleep really fast with the promises of paper hearts dangling from their bedroom ceilings the next day.

10. My children know the sound of the sanitizing wipe container being opened. “I will help! I will do chores! Can I wipe the doorknobs? Can I clean the oven handles?”

11. It is possible for young children to sanitize light switch cover plates so well that the paint around them starts to wear away.

12. If you’re sitting at the computer and start to hear a sizzling sound and then start to smell a burnt electrical smell, you should probably not run screaming, “Danny! Danny! I didn’t do anything! It just started wigging out! And there was sizzling and crackling and it smells SOOO bad!” This may elicit a less-than-calm response from him.

13. G said to me just now, “I want da white crayon. ‘cause yellow don’t work.” Yesterday she had a yellow paper to color on. Now she’s screaming, “It works! It works! Yellow works now!” Because, of course, she’s coloring on a white paper now.


An Iowa Mom said...

This was fun to read ... and made me chuckle more than once!

Thanks for the smiles that I SOOOOO needed this morning!

Have a great day!

Haddorkus said...

I wanted to share with you our Virgina weather. Today looks to be around 40 and everyone is FREEZING. I don't wear my coat at all here, don't want to lose my NoDak survival training. After our first summer here, I am sure I won't have much choice in the matter. I love no snow.

Qtpies7 said...

Funny! I wonder how much money I saved using cloth? Concidering I've spent probably somewhere near $150 in cloth diapers recently, hehe.
I don't soak or wring mine out. I just rinse them in the washer and wash. I mostly have breastfed poo to deal with, though. I dump the big girls poo down the toilette.

Nikki said...

Nikki said...

I love your blog, by the way. I've been cloth diapering since my first child was five months old, but have been overwhelmed when having two in diapers or two in diapers and pregnant. (It's the smell thing while pregnant.) I also only have medium size covers and regular size (15-30 lbs) prefolds.

Recently at church I discovered another mother that cloth diapers. It's nice to have a support group and swap washing tips. My hubby is very supportive of saving money and the landfills. She inspired me to start up again. I figured, why not? I've got only one in diapers right now. We could save some money.

I recently spent $129 on ebay auctions (including shipping) buying covers for babies birth to 15 lbs. and some newborn size prefolds and a few all-in-ones. I'm very excited to cloth diaper a 100% breastfed baby because the poop won't be bad at all. And I'll be saving the landfill from 12 or so diapers a day.

To sum up a very long comment, I estimate when they are in disposables at 18 months old, the cost is about $1.25 a day. That's where the $13.75 comes from for the eleven days. :)

Amy said...

I love number 13. Too cute!!

Gotta love the cloth diapers!

Tammy L said...

Oooh, I love cloth diapers, too! :)

I was glad I was already going to use cloth with my second baby (I did with my first baby too) because he got a bad rash from the disposable diapers when he was just a few days old, and nothing would clear it up (we tried lots of brands) and then we switched to cloth and no more diaper rash, ever! Yay! :)

bekibug5 said...

cloth diapering was only ever a fleeting thought through my mind since I cannot recall how long ago it was that I had less than two children in diapers...I currently have three. Well, Toby is working on potty training, but he's not even half way there yet, so he is working with pull ups most of the time. Fortunately, due to his special needs I don't have to worry about the expense of his pull ups since they are provided for, just the two youngest, but I think I spend a small fortune on baby wipes! I dream of days when all five of my children will be potty trained!

Tina said...

I don't know how many times I have done number 8! How terrible. Mostly my kids stay asleep, thank goodness b/c it would take so long to get them back to sleep if they were to wake up. How can they whack head on door frame and stay asleep, but gently lay head against mattress and - voila - AWAKE!? That is the real mystery.


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