Sunday, February 18, 2007

Speak Bun Speak

So, lately I've noticed that Bun is really trying to communicate with me. His favorite words of the day are: "purple" as in the color but sounds more like "burple," and "okay." And when he says "okay" he sounds like a true NoDak (North Dakotan). It's slow and drawn out.

I've noticed that he speaks like G. I don't know if he has the same speech delays as G or if he just speaks like her because he listens to her, a lot. They share a room and she really likes to talk. So, it'll be naptime and she's in there gabbing away. She tells him things all the time. And he just seems to love it. But now he's saying things like:

More bish peeeease?

translation: Mommy, may I have some more Pepperidge farm goldfish crackers please?

Mook! . . . peeeease.

translation: Mommy, I would like a drink of milk please.

More wayzuns . . . peeeease.

translation: I would like some more raisins please.

UUh. Moo-ee! Banky, Ooh . . . peeeease.

translation: Mommy, as you lift me over my gate to take me downstairs, will you please bring me Mooly (stuffed cow pronounced Moo-Lee), my very favorite blanket Grandma made, and my pillow, please?

Meee help.

translation: I want to help do chores too.


translation: I have just seen a duck or any other feathered animal and am letting you know.

Meeee bat too. Peeeeease. (then he tries to take off his shirt)

translation: I would like to take a bath as well. See how well I prepare for it.

It's so fun to see his little personality evolving and to see the lightbulb go on in his head as he realizes he can communicate with us. Bun is always so pleasant and everything he says is with a great big smile. Today Pookie said to me, "Mommy, does our baby have teeth?" I said, "Do you mean this baby," pointing to my tummy, "or do you mean baby Bun?" He said, "Oh. That one in your tummy." I said, "No, babies usually have teeth grow in after they're three months old. You and G and Bun were about eight months old." Then Pookie said, "Oh. So baby Bun has teeth now?!" I said, "Yes, look in his mouth." Then I said, "Bun, show us your teeth." Bun spreads this super-huge grin across his face bearing his perfectly straight and soon-to-be crowded pearly whites and says, "Tee. Teeth." translation: See, I have teeth and I'm very proud of them.

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OHANA said...

I love the translations, have you seen "Hoodwinked'? you sound just like the squirl when the tape is slowed down. I love the translations, Rykel sounds the same!!


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