Thursday, February 01, 2007

Random things about me . . .

Bun-Bun the cannibalistic peapod.
This pic was taken when he was probably eight to ten months old.
I have been tagged by the talented and oh-so-fabulous Leslie to list 5 totally random things about me that you may not know. And then pass on the favor!

1. During the first year of life with my children, I recite to them the 13 Articles of Faith (for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints), while I’m changing them. Right now, the poster is hanging in the bathroom and I sing it in the shower. But when they’re in their first year and being changed a bazillion times a day, it hangs over the changing table to remind me. On the first day of the month I recite the first article of faith. On the second day of the month I recite the second one. And so on. When it gets to the fourteenth day of the month I recite the article of faith that corresponds with the number of month it is, ie. August would be the eighth, for the remainder of the month. This distracts them from not wanting to be changed. They’re thinking, “What is Mommy saying to me? Hmm… it’s those articles of faith again. Must be important. I’ll just smile and play with my toes.” At least that’s what I imagine they’re saying.

2. I think I originally picked up the term “hug” (to mean the way we use it in our home) from FlyLady. It’s a little something that blesses our home or family.
One thing I “hug” is the toilet paper. When I clean the bathroom, I like to fold the tip of the toilet paper down to a point like hotels sometimes do. I also have a toilet paper holder hanging next to our toilet with three rolls that I will “hug” too after cleaning the bathroom. And the three rolls of toilet paper in the basket on the back of the toilet in the ducky bathroom also get “hugged” when that bathroom is cleaned. So, if I visit your home and your toilet paper gets “hugged”, it’s probably because I cleaned your toilet—or your bathroom was so clean, and I was so impressed, it was the least I could do to bless it.

3. I cannot make a bed without hospital corners. My momma trained me right as a very young child how to make a bed. And I was a CNA (certified nursing assistant) for a year or so after high school in a nursing home. So, I cannot make a bed without hospital corners. The world may stop spinning.

4. When I was pregnant with Pookie I read the Joy of Cooking from cover to cover like a good novel.
5. I floss every time I brush.
And now 5 people I’m tagging are Danny, Neighbor Jane Payne, Susan, Gurrbonzo, Cristtin and anybody else that wants to jump in on the fun!


~yolanda said...

Oh wow, I do the same thing with the toilet paper when I'm done cleaning the bathroom. It's like the bathroom is then completely clean. :-)

Susan said...

Hi Nikki,

This is Susan from Fruitful words. You were my 501st commenter and so won my little contest. It's a cake in a mug kit. This will go nicely with your oamc becasue it only takes 2 minutes to cook.

If you'll email me at I'll get it to you.

BTW - I'm a flybaby too - although I'm a wayward one at the moment. That was cute to find out that you read the JOy of Cooking as reading material. I didn't think that too weird cause I like to read them (cookbooks) too!


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