Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thirteen Thoughts for Thursday - Things I believed or did as a small child.

1. I believed that my parents had kids just so they wouldn’t have to do any work around the house.

2. I never knew there was any other way to prepare green beans but cold, straight out of the can.

3. I believed my first Christmas married would not be one of true Christmas love if we didn’t get a picture of us kneeling kissing in front of a great big Christmas tree. So, I was devastated our first Christmas when Danny told me we couldn’t afford a big tree and that the only tree we’d have is the 2-foot one Mom bought us from DI (already decorated). We did end up getting a big tree though thanks to Leslie’s shopping smarts.

4. I believed a 10 lb. bag of potatoes probably cost about $20.

5. If you whip cream backwards it will come undone.

6. You could live off of love & Spam.

7. As a small child, we used to practice baptizing each other in the bathtub.

8. When I was very, very young (like five or six) I used to think that the blessing of the sacrament bread is what turned it white from whole wheat.

9. If you pad your pants with pillows and extra underwear, it won’t matter that you didn’t spend the whole 15 minutes cleaning your room because the spanking won’t hurt.

10. When I grow up, I’m going to eat candy for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and stay up late every single night, and never do chores.

11. All moms have short hair.

12. I believed my mom’s new sewing machine would do EVERYTHING. I truly thought it could sew an entire dress by itself! You just give it the fabric.

13. My yellow blanket would live forever. (It has you know.)


piglet26 said...

hahaha...I totally believe that mom and dad had so many kids so they wouldn't have to do chores too...oh, and I thought green beans always came from a can...hahaha

Susan said...

Oh! These were just too funny. I loved it! Sad thing is, I'm pretty sure that my kids probably believe the same thing on a few levels. Hmmm.

lizbit said...

oh, and now I begin to think of all the things I used to believe . . . and wonder about the silly things I might still think

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nikki, these were so entertaining! Thanks for writing them down and making me laugh.

Myfriendconnie said...


So, how's all that candy-eatin' workin' out for ya'?

I used to think when I grew up I would drive a Trans Am. Now, I wish for a 12 passenger van. *Sigh* My dream car.


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