Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Bonus WFMW – shower chair

Danny bought me a shower chair when I was pregnant with Bun. Here is a picture. I love it! I can wash the bottom of my feet without losing my balance. I can shave my legs without slipping and nicking myself. I can sit down and just close my eyes as the hot water relaxes the stress of the day away. It is very lightweight, is adjustable in height, holds a lot of weight, and folds up pretty small if I want to store it. And I’ve never slipped off of it.

When I was hospitalized for five weeks while pregnant with G, my one luxury of the day was showering. So, I told Danny after that, “If I ever get pregnant again, I want a shower chair.” And he bought me one. When I was hospitalized while pregnant with Bun, I nearly slipped off of their shower stool (the hospital’s). I missed mine at home. Mine was better, and probably less expensive. I think it was $35. They’re not just for pregnant folk. You might like one if you’re less mobile than you used to be or are recovering from surgery, or just want to sit down to shave your legs in the shower!

note: I couldn't resist posting this. I just showered after posting my Mommy-Store WFMW and kept thinking about how wonderful my shower chair is!


Leslie said...

That does sound very nice to have. I remember how nervous I felt about slipping 8 months pregnant trying to shave my legs.

Loni said...

Pretty late in my pregnancy, I was trying to shave the back of my legs in some awkward position and I stumbeld and managed to cut my bum! It really hurt and I was so embarrased. I just kept hoping that my OB wouldn't notice it at my next apointment!

It sure would have been nice to have had a shower chair. Great tip!

sam said...

I have really wanted one of those the last couple of weeks. I should get the go ahead to get my feet wet this afternoon. I may just have one of the kids run out and get me one. I am still have four weeks of not being able to stand for extended periods. My showers are usually very hot and very long. I think I may need one. :)

Qtpies7 said...

that would have been great when I was on bedrest!

~yolanda said...

What a wonderful idea. I'll be sure to by this for a pregnant friend since I don't plan on having any more kids. :-)


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