Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thoughtful Gabby

On the way home from G’s last day of speech therapy yesterday I decided I was feeling too lazy to make anything for lunch and declared it drive-thru day at Burger King. I called Danny to ask if he wanted us to bring lunch to him at work (which he most hungrily agreed to). I told him that if Taco Bell had a drive-thru I’d frequent them more often, but I didn’t see the sense in unbuckling all three kids, dragging them into the BX food mall to get tacos and then back into the van and to him in freezing weather. Pookie overheard “Taco Bell” and said, “I want a taco! I don’t want a cheeseburger and fry-fries!” I told him, “No,” and that we were going to Burger King. Then G says, “Pookie, I will buy you a taco at da Mommy Store.” Then Pookie quipped back with, “You’re silly G. The Mommy Store doesn’t sell tacos!”

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