Saturday, December 02, 2006


The forecast was accurate. I definitely agree that -26 Fahrenheit is Much Cooler than -16 Fahrenheit. Yup. Very cold. The heater comes on about every ten minutes. And in between, it is very, very cold. It only takes about 30 seconds of the heater being off for the living room to get uncomfortably cold. The kitchen is so cold that I didn't have to put away my groceries. It's colder in the kitchen than in the refrigerator. And this afternoon I made some mint hot chocolate spoons and placed them outside (due to lack of room in my kitchen freezer-- due to my chest freezer giving up the ghost). The spoons that were placed outside took all of two minutes to freeze hard-- including the marshmallows.


Amy said...

I just can not believe it. I'm freezing here at 40 degrees. You must bake alot to gain some extra heat. Brrrrr!

momof9 said...

much too cold...snuggle up and keep warm!