Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Pookieville musings

3 more days until our Thanksgiving trip!

I picked out three outfits for each person (other than Danny) and one church outfit, including socks and undies and stuffed them in Ziploc bags with names. One outfit per bag. Four bags per person. Gallon size for the children, 2-gallon size for me. Yup I’m a 2-gallon kind of gal.

Washed the van at the carwash. Had to bribe Pookie and G with a large handful of Skittles so they wouldn’t cry the whole time. Bun was content with just a couple of Skittles.

Today I pulled all three carseats out of the van, dead Cheerios, French fries and Skittles included and brought them in the house for their bi-yearly washing.

I dust busted all remaining crumbs from the van.

Dropped off 2 gallons of milk, a dozen eggs, and a 5 lb. bag of carrots today to friends so they (the food) wouldn’t expire while on our trip and go to waste.

Washing all the bedding and blankets so the house doesn’t smell like wild ferrets when we return.

Bun now says, “Please” verbally, not just sign. It actually sounds like “Plizz” or “Peas” rarely, “Please.” On Sunday while singing Families can be Together Forever at the end of each verse when the words are “show me how I can” he said, “how I can” for both verses at just the right time.

Last week when I learned that Pluto was not a planet anymore I told Pookie. He said, “You’re funny Mommy. And what about Neptune?”


Leslie said...

Wow! You should stop here after your trip and clean our car out like that! Sounds like you are all ready to go - wish I was going too.

Amy said...

Plastic bags and all individualized?? Wow! I think the best I do is fold the clothes, but then they all get shoved in as tight as possible into as few bags as possible. lol

lizbit said...

That's great (what Ethan said, I mean). I'm also impressed with your organization! I hope it (and the clean van) made the long drive a bit easier.

All Andersens said...

How far did you drive for your trip? I love to take trips. Wow Zip loc's? Maybe I will have to try that! Kids are sooo fun! Love, Crystal

momof9 said...

Mommys just have all the fun, don't we?


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