Saturday, September 02, 2006

The G Veterinarian

G has been performing emergency duck surgery this morning. With all the mesh laundry bags removed to be washed, the sorter is the perfect gurney for Akhmad. She first lays Akhmad down on the upside down metal lap tray and covers him with a sheet (aka dried out baby wipe). She then collapses the legs of the lap tray on to Akhmad to hold him in place. She sets the tray on the gurney and speaks gently to Akhmad while he undergoes surgery. Sometimes she covers his little duck face with the sheet. Maybe that’s when he temporarily “crosses over”. G’s been at this for at least an hour. I just came downstairs to change the laundry and said, “G, are you still performing emergency duck surgery?” She said, “Yet Mommy (yes).” I said, “Oh, poor duck.” She said, “NO! Duck like it. Tee, toft (see, soft).” And then she pets him and soothes him.


lizbit said...

Ahh . . . looks like Gabby's putting her hospital experience to good use. I miss you guys!

momof9 said...

amazing how kids will find ways to entertain themselves...who needs TV?


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