Thursday, August 03, 2006

This is what happens if you stay up way too late. Consider yourself forewarned.

Anna, Andrew, Adam, and Amy ate apples argumentatively arguing about acrostics and alliterations.

Belle bothered Beki by bouncing Bryce buoyantly. But Ben begged Beau's brothers be benign.

Christian cleverly caught cautious cats.

Dancing dandily during dandelion days, Dad didn't dismiss Danny dropping Debi.

Erin ended Elizabeth encouraging Ethan eyeing Emily eating Elijah's eggs.

Freda found forty frozen filberts from Fargo.

Gabby grabbed George greedily getting green grapes.

Henry-hippo has heartfelt hugs.

Ireland intentionally invited iguanas inside.

Jesse justified Jackson joining Jase jubilantly jarring Jeff just jolting Joanna joking Julie jostling Jo.

Klai kindly kisses kittens.

Leslie loves laminating llamas licking lollipops.

Mark mentions Mom must miss Mary's midnight M&M melting.

No Nate, neurotic Nikki’s not nervous nightly nowadays.

Our only owl owned only one orange.

People prefer Po-doggy.

Quick queens quip quotations quietly.

Risque Rykel runs rapidly regretting Rachel's rebuke regarding Ric.

Sterling shouted, "Sherilee saw Susanna sipping soda sans straw!"

Troy tattled that Toby took Tristan's toys to Taran's treehouse.

Uncle’s umbrella unfolded under unfortunate urbanites.

Virginia vigilantly viewed vanishing vestibules.

Woozy Wilcoxen wandered withersoever without water.

Xenophobes xerox x-rayed xylophones.

Yeti youthfully yank yellow yo-yos.

Zero zebra zealots zipped Zeppelin zippers.

Um, The End. Yep.


Anonymous said...

Just shows how many names you really have in your family! Very creative! love, Joanna

Pop said...

You need help. Quick, go make an appointment at the clinic. Maybe Pookie, Gabbie, and Bun can help. It was creative and cute. Bye.

Amy said...

Thoroughly impressive. do you find the time for this? lol

OHANA said...

giggles and grins, I love the late night poems and statements....what was the name of the midnight hunger poem? I do miss that one!! I love to read all the updates it keeps me very entertained.

Nikki said...

"Cravings in the night"

momof9 said...

who alphabetized all the family names? Very clever, fun.


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