Friday, August 18, 2006

Some long awaited pictures

Sleepy June - 9 1/2 weeks old

Hospitalized G doing what she loves most: coloring.

G in the hospital kickin' back with a rice krispie treat.

Bun hanging out in his birthday suit.

The Pookie-Mommy specialty homemade pinata makes its debut.

A happy bun about to get the pinata.

Now there's a cake.


Amy said...

Ok - the kids are adorable, the dog is cute, props on the pinata, but I have to say, the best part is the cake!!! lol

OHANA said...

I love all the photos, everyone is getting so big. I can't believe bun is already 1 yrs old. Wowzers!! Looks like you had a rocking party!

Pop said...

Miss Gabby and Bun are so cute in the pictures. We sure miss the little people.


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