Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mommy Store- Now Open!

I have anticipated this moment all week- and so have the kids. Tuesday is the day when Mommy’s Store is open. It is open only once a week in our home and the kids now associate Tuesdays with shopping at the store. Last week G had 9 Mommy-Money and Pookie had 18 Mommy-Money. They took turns shopping. Pookie bought a Mr. Potato Head first and then G. Pookie bought eyes, and then G bought eyes. And that was the end of G’s money. Pookie bought arms, a nose, and a mustache for his Mr. Potato Head. G looked on longingly. Pookie said, “G, I will buy your potato arms.” G said, “Okay.” I realized then that my children are learning charity.

So this morning I was excited to see who had the most Mommy-Money and what would they do with it. The store was recently blessed with a large amount of Pez refills and Christmas Hershey Kisses. There was also an influx of valuable coupons for sale:

· stay up 30 minutes past your bedtime
· one extra story before bed
· 15 minutes of the racing game
· one extra helping of dessert
· 15 extra minutes of computer time
· a trip to the park of your choice.

Pookie went first. He bought the blood pressure cuff from the play doctor kit. G bought a tongue for Mrs. Potato Head. Pookie bought the stethoscope next. G bought a red visor for her potato. Pookie then bought the thermometer. G then bought a pink nose. Pookie then bought the much coveted syringe and promptly went about administering shots. G then bought ears. Pookie went to buy the otoscope but didn’t have enough Mommy-Money left. G the bought the Mrs. glasses, shoes and earrings. G then bought Pookie’s potato glasses, a hat, ears, and shoes. And Pookie said, “Oh, thank you G!”

With just one Mommy-Money left in Pookie’s jar and two left in G’s, they bought Christmas Hershey kisses that were on sale today only.


Mary said...

A mommy store! What a great idea. :-)

Amy said...

I LVOE this idea. You are still the most creative mommy I know.

our ohana said...

I Love this idea, I would love for more info. on the mommy store...hours available, products available, closed days.

Anonymous said...

I know it sounds repetitive... But GREAT idea!!! - Joanna


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