Thursday, August 03, 2006


I cannot take credit for this system. A dear friend of mine with six angelic children told me about it. I’ve also read variations of the chip system online.

White Chips= 1 Mommy-Money
Blue Chips= 10 Mommy-Money
Red Chips= -1 Mommy-Money or 1 debt

White Chips are awarded for good behavior. Blue chips are really, really excellent, over the top, amazingly good behavior—or if you just need to turn in some white chips (like a dime for 10 pennies).

Red Chips are like red lights. The behavior is unacceptable and needs to stop immediately. Red chips are for hitting, throwing toys, absolute defiance, screaming tantrums, etc. A quiet, "Do you want a red chip?" stops a tantrum most of the time. If they have already thrown a toy or hit we say, "Oh, this is so sad. Here is your red chip. Please go to time out." So, sometimes we combine time out with a red chip.

The Mommy Store is open only Tuesday mornings after play clothes are on, breakfast is over and cleaned up, and all toys are picked up. First they go to the Mommy-Bank and pay debts. They pay one white chip for every one red chip they have. If they have any money leftover they may shop at The Mommy Store. Customers are served on an alternating basis until they are done shopping or all their money is gone (the latter is usually the case).

Store products
Pookie and G love playing with Mr. Potato Heads at friends’ homes and Grandma’s house. So I bought two; one was basic, the other had a deluxe kit with all the extra accessories. Then I separated all the parts and itemized them on a list with prices next to them. I got a set of little books from Wal-Mart (like $6 for a dozen) and an inexpensive doctor kit they admired every time we went down the toy aisle. And to add variety there are little candies and valuable coupons available as well.

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momof9 said...

Many Kudos for your mommy store idea. Keep it up. I plan to share this idea with all family and friends with little children!


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