Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"And the house on the rock stood still."

I was in our basement talking on the phone to a nurse from the pediatric clinic while hearing in the background the changing pressure of water going through the pipes. Then (while still talking to the nurse) I start thinking, “hmm . . . I don’t think the washing machine causes the water pressure to change that often.” So as soon as I hung up, I snuck up the stairs only to find Pookie in the ducky bathroom with a purple bucket in the sink (that was blocking the drain) watching the water overflow. I said abruptly, “Aha!” and then turned off the water. Pookie startled and said, “Wait, it’s wet! Mommy, the rains came down and the floods came up!”


Amy said...

Oh my! I'm curious as to what happened next. lol Besides all the mopping up. :)

OHANA said...

I can't believe you just went Aha!! You are so patient, but I bet you can't help but laugh when he said the floods came up!! What a silly kid


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