Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Fun in the Sun!

We spent all day outside one beautiful day a few weeks ago. We snacked, napped, played in the sprinklers, and relaxed in the sun and under the shade of our beach umbrella. Who'd have thought the beach umbrella would come in handy not being near a beach anymore?
Pictures top to bottom: Pookie having a cereal break, G in yellow swim hat, Bun in swim hat and done with his mini-nap, Bun sneaking an orange w/ Elizabeth in background, Bun with garden hose, G and Pookie up close, Bun up close.


Leslie said...

I love seeing the fun pictures of the kids - the hats especially are cute! Too bad we aren't neighbors so all our kids can play together!

Amy said...

I love outside days! Your kids are beautiful!


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